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What is HEXA?

An intelligent and flexible HR tool for surveying employees

—and more. HEXA is the bridge between HR’s digital and the employees’ physical world. It caters to the needs of both parties while providing digitalized, reliable and easy-to-analyze results.


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How it works

Hexa deck

The HEXA Deck

The HEXA card deck contains eleven cards that are similar in appearance but different in values. The forms on the cards can represent three different values for your choice, for example: zero, one or two. Using these cards, employees are able to express their preferences in the special HEXA test. The simplicity of this system enables them to weigh their answers in an easy and effortless way.

The HEXA Test

Employees select five cards from the deck and turn them to indicate their preferences. Since all cards are different, the results always reflect a clear preference. Employees can complete the test in three or four minutes even if they take it for the first time. Research and testing shows that employees enjoy a HEXA test more than a traditional test.


Case Studies


Coca-Cola realized at exit interviews why their blue-collar employees were eager to go working for their competitors. They discovered employees’ favorite beverages were absent from the company fridge or it was not filled with them frequently enough. Using HEXA, Coca-Cola conducted a simple Maslow survey to solve the problem: to find out the preference of their employees.

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